International Piano Competition Belgium

Laureates of the 5th international Piano Competition for Young Pianists “Merci, Maestro!” 2021

Category A

NameLast NameDate of birthCountryPRIZE
SeanHsieh07/05/2010TaiwanFirst prize
DariaIvantsova07/07/2009Russian FederationSecond prize
RikumaNakai05/02/2011JapanThird prize
AriannaSalvalaggio16/09/2012ItalyThird prize
YuiHarumashi30/08/2012JapanSpecial prize from the competition*

* In recognition of the extraordinary level of musical achievements, the competition invites Yui Harumashi and provides with a scholarship to participate in the Summer Music Academy FORTE – a series of masterclasses in solo, chamber music and orchestra provided by internationally acclaimed professionals. The Sumer Music Academy FORTE will take place in Brussels in July 4th-11th 2021. More information on the web site of the Summer Music Academy FORTE.

Category B

NameLast NameDate of birthCountryPRIZE
MatteoBortolazzi04/05/2006ItalyFirst prize
GurSargsyan16/11/2006ArmeniaFirst prize
TeoKakabadze30/11/2005GeorgiaSecond prize
Lisa-MarieEhrenfried12/10/2006GermanyThird prize

Category C

NameLast NameDate of birthCountryPRIZE
Curtis PhillHsu08/12/2004USAFirst prize
TigranMardanyan20/08/2003ArmeniaSecond prize
DmytroSemykras09/06/2001UkraineSecond prize
MariamChitanava14/11/1998Russian FederationThird prize
YaelKoldobsky09/06/2001IsraelThird prize

We thank all participants for their effort and congratulate the winners!

Nataliya Cheurenko

Artistic Director and Founder of the competition