International Piano Competition Belgium

The International Competition for Young Pianists “Merci, Maestro!” is coming back in 2024!

10-14th April 2024

14th April 2024: Gala concert of winners


March 1st, 2024          Deadline Registration            

  • A non-refundable registration fee 20 Euros at the moment of the registration (credit card) together with a YouTube Link with a recent recording of the participant 

March 6 -10th, 2024   Preselection is based on video recordings

March 10th 2023         Results

  • Selected candidates (maximum 80 for all categories) will be informed by the administration of the competition
  • Selected candidates have to pay the rest of the participation fees:

Category A:     40 euros 

Category B:     60 euros 

Category C:     80 euros 

Category D:     150 euros 

10-14th April 2024     Competition 1&2nd round, 

Live performance in Brussels, Piano’s Maene

  • 40 candidates for all category will be accepted for the participation at the second (final) round of the competition.

14th April 2024 18:00:           Gala concert of winners

Hotel de ville, Grand place

  • All winners will receive diplomas and prizes in cash at the Gala concert.
  • If the winners are not present at the GALA concert, the prizes and diplomas will not be delivered.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Merci Maestro, the prestigious international competition for young pianists! We are thrilled to present the upcoming edition of this extraordinary musical journey in 2024. Merci Maestro has long been providing a platform for young pianists to showcase their artistry and passion. Our competition is renowned for its commitment to excellence, nurturing the next generation of musicians and sharing our passion for classical music with the rest of the world.

As we gear up for the 2024 edition, we invite gifted pianists from across the globe to join us on this unforgettable musical odyssey. Whether you are a rising star or an emerging talent, Merci Maestro offers a unique opportunity to shine on an international stage, connecting with fellow musicians and captivating audiences with your extraordinary skills. Our esteemed jury, composed of world-renowned pianists and distinguished musicians, will carefully select the most remarkable talents. The competition will feature thrilling solo performances, as well as captivating chamber music collaborations (for category D). Beyond the competition, Merci Maestro serves as a platform for cultural exchange. Participants will have the opportunity make connections with their peers, and build a solid foundation for a successful career in the world of music.

We encourage young pianists to seize this incredible opportunity to be part of Merci Maestro 2024. Join us on this musical journey that transcends borders, and inspires the world through the language of music. Stay tuned for updates and announcements regarding the application process, competition schedule, and jury members. Thank you for your passion for music and your dedication to the piano. We look forward to welcoming you to Merci Maestro 2024, where the next generation of pianists shines.

With best regards,

Nataliya Chepurenko

Artistic Director and Founder of the Competition